New products

Ceramic 6V Power Plug

For Gas start Turbines. Suits Most Gas Turbine Engines.

Ceramic Kero Burner

Replacement Element

RPM Sensor

To Fit 44/45i/TP/Heli/54/70/75/80/SS

Wiring set 54/70/75/80

Wiring set for Wren 54/70/75/80/SS/old style 100 Engine Harness, Engine extenasion lead,...

Wiring set 45i/TP/Heli

Engine Harness, Engine Extension lead, Battery/fuel lead, Throttle to ECU

Wiring Set 100i

Engine extension lead, Throttle/ECU, Battery lead

Starter Motor 54/70/75/80/100/...

Startermotor For Wren 54/70/75/80/100/SS and also TS100i Supplied complete with Bendix

Engine Mount 54/70/75/80/100/S...

Engine Mount for Wren 54/70/75/80/100/SS and also TS100i

Engine Mount 44/45i

Engine Mount For Wren 44/45i/TP/Heli and also TS45i/TP/Heli

ThermoCouple 54/70/75/80/100/S...

Thermocouple For Wren 54/70/75/80/100/SS and TS100i