About Us

Born 1964, joined RAF and was stationed at RAF Scampton between 1983 and 1990 working with Red Arrows.

Always had a keen interest in aircraft, particularly Warbirds and started radio control flying in the early 80's.

Interests in jets really escalated when he was employed by a British miniature turbine company to build their engines in 2009 which in turn, led to him flying on the show circuit.

A keen eye for detail and practical knowledge of the building and performance of jet engines has made him popular with many modellers who are experiencing difficulties of varying degrees with their engines, sometimes even on the flightline!

Recent deal with Jet Central, based in Mexico, as their sole dealer in the UK should benefit both those looking to purchase a new engine as well as those with existing Jet Central engines which carry a lifetime warranty as the arrangement includes the servicing and Repair franchise, meaning that the engines no longer need to be shipped out of the country. Repairs and servicing can be done here in the UK under warranty.